• my thoughts after everything i say: this is why i have no friends



of course you can see the walmart logo

i wish my momma had a donkey

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  • updates on my love life:

Keegan Allen & Tyler Blackburn Live Chat

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  • person at school: *breathes*
  • me: can you not


It’s not that easy, but a lot of stress can be controlled by changing your situation or how you react to it. ^^ I get stressed out because I worry too much, so I’m trying to stay positive and believe in good outcomes.

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Scumbag Car Radio


REBLOG if you love God more than Tumblr.

people that actually don’t reblog this


 don’t ignore this folks.. where do you think you’ll be after death? come on, think.. your soul isn’t going to another being or animal, either Heaven or hell..

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when cute boys take off their sweatshirts in class and their t-shirt comes like halfway up their torso

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